Troop and Pack Support

3 sessions

  1. Outdoor Adventure for Boys in Blue

    Troop and Pack Support


    This session provides information on what opportunities exist for Cub Scouters. There is more to the program than just glitter paintings and macaroni art, resident and family camping opportunities can help bridge Cubs into the next level of scouting.  

  2. Reaching Out: How to Effectively use the OA Troop Rep

    Troop and Pack Support


    This session seeks to cement in the members the nature of the OATR program and the purpose of the Troop Rep. Through this session, Arrowmen will be challenged to think about the interactions and benefits of a strong OATR program 

  3. Webelos to Scout Transition

    Troop and Pack Support


    An important aspect of Cub Scouting is the cross over into the troop. This change of environment may be difficult for a Cub to handle and you may need to get the Cub excited about Boy Scouting. In this session you will learn how to move from Webelos to Boy Scouts with ease.